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Live CPD Training

We host monthly live CPD webinars covering a wide range of technical subjects. These are hosted via Zoom or Microsoft Teams and attendees receive a CPD certificate for 1 hour's CPD credit. 

If you would like to join our own team and other local agents, builders and surveyors, you can subscribe to hear about each monthly event by emailing

We have put together the below on-demand training videos sourced from; RIBA, Colab and the CPD service which you may also find useful. Please note the links in this table are to external websites.  All the videos and modules are free to access.

Sector Company Link to online CPD training Training duration
Cavity closers Dacatie Building solutions Building regs issues and solutions for reveals, windows and doors 27 mins


Dormakaba UK Requirements for hardware on fire doors 15 mins
Roofing SIG design & Technology Roof specification - design, systems, compliance 22 mins
Sound proofing Cellecta Ltd Sound proofing insulation systems 16 mins
Smoke control Colt Ltd

General principles of smoke control and more topics

60 mins
Sustainability Swedish Wood

Timber, the building material of the future:

Client's strategic brief and core requirements

Quality, objectives, aspirations, options and budgets

Procurement, specification and construction strategy

40 mins in total
Sustainability Accoya Timber doors, windows and cladding 21 mins
Sanitaryware The Sanitaryware Co Ltd Specifying sanitaryware and compliance with the building regs 20 mins
SUDS Ronacrete Ltd Compliant permeable paving - resin bound surfacing systems 19 mins
Thermal bridging Armatherm Solutions and how to improve the building envelope's performance 22 mins
Under floor heating Ardex UK Ltd Specifying under floor heating with confidence 41 mins
Waterproofing Newton Waterproofing Structural waterproofing design strategies 57 mins
Waterproofing Delta Membranes Ltd Protection of below ground structures against water from the ground 36 mins


Hambleside Danelaw

Ventilation in pitched roofs

08/11/2021 15:00

Live webinar

Ventilation in pitched roofs

This RIBA approved CPD will discuss the consequences of inadequate ventilation within roofspaces including:

  • Types and consequences of condensation formation
  • An outline of building regulations requirements and British Standards relating to design and placement  of ventilation openings
  • An overview of different ventilation products which encourage a healthy, breathable roof.


Superfoil Insulation

Rethinking construction - creating a SuperRoof

08/12/2021 15:00

Live webinar

Creating a SuperRoof

Modern methods of construction require modern methods of insulation.  This CPD will cover:

  • Modern methods of construction and insulation
  • Identifying opportunities for specifying multifoil insulation
  • Commercial and practical benefits that multifoil products offer
  • Specific solutions and installation advice for building regulations
  • Technical support.



To slide or to fold that is the question!

20/01/2022 15:00

Live webinar

To slide or to fold that is the question!

This webinar looks at all types of bi-folding and sliding doors, how they have evolved and what represents the state of the art in the industry. The presentation explores the issues to consider when designing and specifying a folding or sliding door and the pros and cons of the different systems. It will also touch on the applicable building regs that relate to the product range.

The webinar will also look at the increasingly popular wintergardens (or glass extensions) as well as balcony glazing. These ranges are hugely popular in Germany and Holland and, increasingly, are being specified in the UK. The CPD  finishes off with examples of completed projects.



Fundamentals of timber

17/02/2022 15:00

Live webinar

Fundamentals of timber

Phil O'Leary will be joining us to present this tailored live CPD webinar aimed at agents, engineers, builders and building control surveyors.  More information on the content to follow.